Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspiration: From Reese Witherspoon and Blood Oranges to a Pair of Spicy Earrings

Sitting down with a visually engrossing movie (good acting not necessary) is a great way to strike inspiration gold. Vanity Fair (2004) is one of these movies - the costumes are colourful and ornate, the scenery is varied, there are all types of vibrant birds flying around, and Reese Witherspoon's heroine Becky Sharp sports flowers, jewels and feathers (no doubt some of the aforementioned birds) in all of her hairstyles.

When I last watched it, the colours in Becky Sharp's orange and red sari really caught my eye:

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a great picture, but there's some light orange going on in there too. It reminded me of the colours in blood oranges:

So I made some earrings!

Inspiration: as simple as watching an overacted (but pretty) movie!

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