Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mermaid Cove Jewelry

I've recently reorganized my Etsy shop so that it now features a series of jewelry lines. Among these is Mermaid Cove. The pieces combine precious metals and the fruits of the sea - coral, pearls, sea bamboo and shells. I was inspired by mythical ocean creatures, their golden hair and scaly flesh, and the water they flit and flirt through.

By Warwick Goble. From
By Arthur Rackham
Silver Vintage Coral Earrings
Gold Vintage Coral Earrings
 I only use vintage coral branches. Coral reefs are endangered due to climate change, human negligence and over-harvesting.

Zircon, Apatite and Silver Chandelier Earrings
Zircon and apatite gemstones mimic water droplets and sparkling sun-dappled oceans.

Pearl, Sea Bamboo and Glass Necklace - Coming Soon!

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